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Taigen Metal Tiger I Kit Build - Page #2

Shown below are the rear drive sprocket bolts painted dark gray. A little detail can go a long way in making your project stand out from the crowd.

Detail picture of rear idler wheel

Front Drive sprocket shown below with painted bolts. The best way to paint these bolts is by using the end of a toothpick. Just dip the end of the toothpick in your paint, than dab the end on your bold. Just make sure you don’t get a lot of paint on the end of your toothpick or you will make a mess of everything. Just take your time!!!

Front drive sprocket detail

This section of the build shown below #17-19 of the rear back hull plate. The jack stand was painted in dark gray to add some detail. The air filter boxes took a little time prepping before priming becasue of the seems that were visible once assembled. So several coats of primer and sanding between the coats were necessary to have a seamless look on top of the air filters shown below.

Rear Hull painted

This next picture below shows rear back plate installed on lower hull. I would pre-fit the lower hull before screwing in place. You may need to shave some material and burs from the sides and lower part of the back plate to fit correctly. This part of the project took between 30-40 minutes to fit correctly but the time I spent on it paid off with a very little seam showing at the bottom.

Rear back plate installed on lower hull.

Picture of rear back plate installed on lower hull

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