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1/16 RC Tanks & Accessories
* 1/16 Tamiya RC Tanks
* 1/16 Tamiya Spare Parts
* 1/16 Tamiya Tank Tracks
* 1/16 Tamiya Gearboxes
* 1/16 Taigen RC Tanks
* 1/16 Taigen Spare Parts
* 1/16 Torro RC Tanks
* 1/16 Tank Accessories
* 1/16 Photo Etch Parts
* 1/16 Army Soldier Models
* 1/16 Tank Decals
* 1/16 Tank Zimmerit
* Batteries, Radio's & Chargers
* Electrical, Wiring, Shrink Tubing
* Maintenance Supplies
* Model Tank Weathering
* See all RC Tanks & Accessories
Tank Models & Accessories
* 1/16 Tank Models
* 1/35 WWII Tank Models
* 1/35 Modern Tank Models
* 1/35 Model Tank Accessories
* 1/35 Photo Etch Parts
* 1/35 Model Tank Zimmerit
* 1/24 & 1/25 Tank Models
* 1/24 & 1/25 Tank Accessories
* 1/16 Army Soldier Models
* 1/16 Tank Decals
* Model Tank Weathering
* See all Model Tanks
Military Books
Tank and Armor Books
Model Building Supplies
* Evergreen White Styrene
* K&S Metals
* Misc Material
* See All Model Supplies
Hobby Supplies & Paint
* Model Master Acryl Paint
* Tamiya TS Spray Paint
* Tamiya XF Paint
* Tamiya PS Spray Paint
* Tamiya AS Spray Paint
* Paint Brushes
* Model Tank Weathering Sets
* Contour Putty
* Sand Paper & Files
* Masking Tape
* Glues & Adhesives
* Masking Paper
* Disposable Gloves
* Electrical, Wiring, Shrink Tubing
* To Much to List: See all
Hobby Tools
* Airbrushes
* Hex and Nut Drivers
* Cutting Mats
* Cutting Tools
* Dremel Tools
* Filing and Detailing
* Hobby Clamps
* Paint Mixing and Straining
* Pliers and Tweezers
* Scale Rulers
* See All Hobby Tools
Diorama Supplies
* Brush, Trees and Lawns
* Landscaping Dirt and Sand
* Terrain
* Realistic Water
* Hobby Strayer
* See all Diorama Supplies
1/24 VsTank Pro RC Tanks
* Accessories
* Photo Etched Parts
* Spare Parts
* Tread
* See all VsTank Pro
RC Quadcopters & Helicopters
* DJI Quad Helicopters
* Walkera Runner 250
* Hubsan Quadcopters
* Traxxas Quads, Helicopters
* Traxxas Helicopter Parts
* Quadcopter ESC, Motors
* Quadcopter Propellers
* Quad Batteries & Chargers
* See all Quadcopter Items
HO Trains and Accessories
* HO Track
* HO Diesel Engines
* HO Freight Cars
* HO Freight Car Accessories
* HO Buildings & Accessories
* HO Trucks, Cars and People
* Power Control and Wiring
* Diorama Supplies
* See all HO Train Items
RC Trucks, Crawlers & Parts
* RC Trucks, Buggies & Crawlers
* 1/18 LaTrax Rally Parts
* 1/16 Traxxas E-Revo Parts
* 1/10 Traxxas E-Revo Parts
* 1/10 Traxxas Slash Parts
* 1/10 Traxxas Stampede Parts
* 1/10 SC10 Parts
* 1/10 ProLite RC Truck Parts
* 1/8 RC8.2e RC Buggy Parts
* Tekno SCT410 RC Truck Parts
* Glue, Grease, & Oils
* Truck Bodies, Decals and Clips
* Radios, Chargers, Batteries
* Motor's, ESC, BEC & Fans
* Electrical, Wiring, Shrink Tubing
* Servo's
* Pinion Gears
* RC Truck Wheels & Tires
* RC Buggy Wheels & Tires
* Miscellaneous Parts
* Tamiya PS Spray Paint
* See all Trucks, Buggies & Parts
RC Rock Crawler Section
* Gmade R1 Rock Crawler Parts
* Crawler Chassis, Kits, RTR
* Rock Crawler Wheels & Tires
* Rock Crawler Batteries/Radio's
* Rock Crawler ESC & Motors
* Axles, Links & Rod Ends
* Screws, Spacers, Nuts
* RC Winch and Accessories
* Axial Wraith Upgrade Parts
* Axial SCX10 Upgrade Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions most frequently asked by our customers. Feel free to contact us if your question is not listed here.

Are we a United States based Company? 100% Yes, Based in San Marcos, Texas.

Special Order item? A Special Order Item refers to an item that we don’t keep in stock on our shelves. All items marked with “Special Order Item” must be ordered from our vender first, which may take up to 3 weeks to receive. Since it is an item we don’t keep on our shelves, we are able to pass on great savings to our customers.

Once your order is placed on our website, all customers will receive a phone call to verify your order. Once order is verified by you, orders can’t be canceled and no refunds. Please call if you have any questions.

Are we a Distributer/Wholesaler? No, Our company ( is only an Internet Retailer and not a distributer or wholesaler.

Do we take International orders? Yes, all the time but please email us your order.

Do we ship to military bases? Yes, only military bases with a USA APO/FPO address.

How do I know if something is in stock? If you can add an item to the shopping cart “Add to Cart”. Than that item is in stock and ready to ship within two business days. If you are ordering more than one of the same item, than it’s always a good idea to contact us.

Please don’t hesitate in giving us a call just to make sure what you want to order is in stock. We are here to help!

What payment methods do we except?

  • Credit Cards: We accept Discover, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, ECheck or Bankcard. There are no surcharges added for credit card or bankcard orders. We reserve the right to verify credit and bankcard orders for your protection. For fastest processing, please always include a daytime phone number.
  • PayPal: You may also pay for your online orders with PayPal using a PayPal account. Ordering with your PayPal account is available online only. There are no surcharges for using your PayPal account. It's easy and much faster than using your credit card or bankcard and it only takes a few seconds to complete your order. PayPal is available only for orders shipped to the United States and Canada.
  • Personal checks: (make checks payable to There will be a 6 business hold on all personal checks.
  • Money Orders: (make checks payable to

What ways can I place an order? On our website, Phone, Fax or by mail. Website orders are much faster and usually shipped out the next business day.

Can you mail an item to a PO Box number? Yes, unless we require a signature from the homeowner of the shipping address. If you only have a PO Box, please give us a call first to make sure that there wont be any issues shipping your itme to a PO Box.

I can't add anything to my Shopping cart? In order for your Browser to function properly when adding items to your shopping cart, please enable Java, Javascript and you must accept cookies. If you do need to make changes in your web browser settings, when finished you might have to close your browser and then re-open your browser to enable the changes. This will solve all shopping cart issues, especially when using Firefox.

By following these simple steps, your order should be processed with no problems. If you need additional help during the ordering process, don’t hesitate in giving us a call. We are here to help!

Do we have a catalog? No, not at this time.

Can paints and glues be shipping outside of the United States? We ship paints and glues to the continental United States (lower 48 States) only.

For some reason my credit card was declined?

  • The biggest reasons of all is spelling errors, credit card number and dates not entered correctly.
  • One reason for this is your billing address on your credit card must match exactly to the address your entering in the order form (Billing Information).
  • If your planning to ship your item to an alternate shipping address. We advise you to call your credit card company first to let them know your planning to use a different address for shipping.
  • Another reason is your name on your credit card must match exactly to whats your entering in the order form (Billing Information).
  • Declines can also happen when your credit card company has put a freeze on your account because of unusual spending amounts on your account. One company that does this quite often is Chase Bank. It’s advised that you call your credit card company if you have any decline of any type on your credit card.

Can't find an item you are looking for? If you cant find an item on our website. Just give us a call or email us with the item name and the manufacturers item number. More than likely we can special order that item for you from one of our suppliers at a great low price and there is no extra charge for specail orders. All we ask is that you pay for your Specail Order In advance.

What is a AP seal? Products bearing the AP seal of the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) are certified non-toxic.

Can we buy items at your location? No, we are an Internet Retailer only.

Can we pick-up items from your location? Yes, at our mai office in San Marcos, Texas.

Do we offer gift certificates/card? Sorry, not at this time.

Do we offer coupons? Yes, from time to time, we will be emailing coupons to our customers with great savings. As long as your on our mailing list, you will receive a coupon when they come available.

How do we get on your mailing list? First, you must have at least one order with use and you must of had checked the “Allow Promotional Emails” button on checkout. If you placed an order with us and you forget to check the “Allow Promotional Emails” button. Just drop us an email with your last order number along with your email address and we will gladly ad you to our mailing list.

What is your return policy? Information about returns can be found on this page “Company Policies


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