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1/24 VsTank Pro M1A2 Abrams Battle Tank - Page 4

Before I attached the turret to the main body of the tank, I made some internal modifications. First I either rearranged or replaced the internal springs that control the up and down movement of each wheel. I made two springs from a ballpoint pen. The internal springs in a pen work great. There are 7 wheels that move up and down on each side of Supplies on M1A2 Abramsthe tank. The other two wheels are fixed. The first wheel and the last two wheels got stiff springs and the rest got soft springs. Having the stiff springs in the rear help with the weight balance problem.

The final internal modifications I made was how the turret rotates. Straight out of the box the turret turns 320 degrees but it will not point straight backwards. So I made some modifications to fix this problem with the turret still rotating 320 degrees but now the turret can be pionted straight backwards. I could have very easily made the turret rotate 360 degrees but you run the risk of twisting the internal wires until they brake from turning the turret in the same direction to many times. I really didn’t have to make this modification but if you notice when they are transporting the real Abrams tank by ship or on a flat bed trailer that the turret is always pointed straight backwards.

The main body of the tank comes in two parts (a top and a bottom). The turret was attached to the top portion of the main body and that was after I completely weathered the top portion of the body. Next I completely weathered the bottom portion of the body, which included the wheels. This process took a little time because I wanted the tank to look like it was in the field for a very long time, so that required grime build-up. So I used a combination of sand, paint, different colors of chalk and pencils to create my weathered look. Then I sprayed on some WD-40, which gave it that grimy look that I was looking for. Then I weathered the tread with white chalk and then attached the tread to the wheels.

Sitting on its side I attached the turrets wiring harness to the main motherboard, which is M1A2 Machine Gun, 50 Callocated on the bottom front portion of the body. Next I attached the upper and lower main body parts together with five screws.

Then I did some testing to make sure that everything worked correctly, which it did. No problems there! Next came adding the two machine guns and the accessories. The machine-guns where a challenge because I attached tinny wiring and chains to give the guns that realistic look. And god only knows my eyes aren’t what they used to be when it comes to looking at tinny parts.

One of the best investments I made when it come to hobby tools is my Cordless Dremel. This tool can just about do any modification you can think of including, drilling, cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing. Did I forget anything? I personal like the cordless model because you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in the way. If you’re into model and diorama building, I highly recommend our Cordless Dremel Set. This tool will become your best friend over night.


M1A2 Generator


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