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VsTank Pro Tank Tips, Advise, Trouble Shooting and safety

Its always fun when you get your new VsTank Pro RC Tank. You just want to tare open the package and get playing. Following a few tips can prolong the life of your new VsTank Pro tank and also prevent injury if not careful. Below we have some great tips, advice, trouble shooting help and satey guidlines to help you get started.

What VsTank Pro Tank do I Have?

A - Airsoft

VsTank Pro - Airsoft.

R - Infrared

VsTank Pro - Infrared, Also known as VsTank Pro IR. (More Information)

Safety First

  • If your new VsTank Pro tank is AirSoft equipped. Meaning that your tank shoots small plastic BB pellets. Never point and shoot your tank at another person, your pet or at a small baby (child).
  • Safety grasses or goggles are always recommended when playing with an Airsoft tank.
  • The VsTank Pro Airsoft tanks are recommended for ages 14 years or older.

Getting your new tank for the first time

  • Unpacking your tank: First pull the styrofoam container out from within the box. You will notice that the top of the turret is covered in bubble wrap held in place with VsTank Protape. Leave this on until you unscrew the tank from the Styrofoam container. Place the Styrofoam container on its side, then place one hand over the front part of the body (Not the turret) of the tank to help hold it in place as you unscrew 3 screws from the bottom of the styrofoam container with a philips screwdriver. Once all three screws are removed, you are ready to remove the bubble wrap held in place with tape. You are now ready for batteries.
  • Batteries: Always put in a new set of fresh batteries into your tank. This will help in the performance of your tank over a long period of time.
    Please Note: We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries in these tanks because sometimes the positive (+) side of the battery is shorter than normal batteries resulting in poor contact within the battery compartment.
  • Always turn on the remote transmitter first, than the tank. If you turn on the tank first, The tank might get a stray signal from something that uses the same frequency as your tank, resulting in your tank taking off on you.
  • When turning off your VsTank Pro tank. Turn off the tank first and then the remote VsTank Pro Tipstransmitter.
  • Like any mechanical machine (Like a new car) that has a new motor in it, there’s a break in period that should be followed. We suggest at least 10 minutes in slow speed. This will prolong the life of your tanks main driving motor.
  • Never play with your tank in water. Your VsTank Pro tank is a very complex machine. It has a circuit board and several motors inside. If any of these parts get wet, it may miss circuit a part, causing your tank to stop working.
  • If you know that you won’t be using your tank for a while. We suggest that you remove the batteries from the tank and the remote transmitter. This will prevent rusting, corrosion and prolong the life of your batteries. Place batteries in a cool and dry place to prolong the life of your batteries.
  • Switch off the tank and remote transmitter before changing batteries.

Crystal locations on your VsTank Pro Tank

  • M1A2: Underneath rear side of turret
  • Leopard: Underneath rear side of turret
  • Type 90: Underneath rear side of turret
  • Tiger I: Rear of tank (Between tank exhausts)
  • T-72: Left side of tank
  • KV-1: Left side of tank
  • KV-2: Left side of tank
  • Pz753: Left side of tank
  • Pz754: Left side of tank
  • Sherman: Right rear of tank

Installing new crystals in your tank:

If you just bought new crystals for your tank, please read on. When taking your crystals out of your package they will seam to be the same size. This is not true. One crystal is slightly bigger than the other. Install the larger crystal in your controller and then the smaller crystal in your tank.

Metal tracks for the Tiger Tank:

We do not recommend using metal treads for everyday play and use. It may shorten the life span of the main drive motors in your tank. Metal tracks are great if your having your tank on desplay or in a diorama scene.

Trouble shooting your tank:

My tank is not taking any hits when another tank shoots at it (IR Tanks only):

  • Make sure the IR Sensor (Below pictures) is up and showing on the turret. Some tanks may not need the sensor up and showing to register a hit like the T-72 tank.

IR Sensor

My tank is dead on arrival (All tanks): The chances of your tank not working right out of the box is almost nil since these tanks are very well made. Follow these steps to get your tank working.

  • Step 1: Check to make sure that your batteries are new and they are inserted correctly in the tank and the controller.
  • Step 2: Is the red light glowing on the controller, if so, go to step 3. If not, check your batteries again for proper placement. The red light must be glowing for your controller to work.
  • Step 3: The crystals are loose or not inserted correctly in your tank or the controller. First firmly press down on the crystal housing on the controller, which is located under the crystal number (Left bottom corner) of the controller. More info can be found here. Next find the location of the crystal on your tank and firmly press the crystal or crystal housing into the tank. More than likely, most problems lie with the crystals becoming loose during shipping or not being inserted in all the way at the factory.

My tank is behaving weirdly (All tanks): You press one button and it does something different. There are only 4 reasons for this to happen.

  • First, Turn off your tank and the controller for at least 3 seconds. Switch on the remote transmitter and then your tank. Normally, this will correct any problems. Go to step 1 if this doesn't solve your problem.
  • Step 1: You have old batteries in the tank and in the controller that need to replace with new batteries. By doing this will solve almost all issues with weird behavior with your tank. We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries in these tanks.
  • Step 2: Make sure the wire antenna are on your tank and are inserted correctly. Some tanks require two antennas like the M1A2 Abrams. If your antenna's become bent or broken, then they will need to be replaced. Replacement tank antenna’s can be found here.
  • Step 3: Make sure your controller antenna is fully expanded. If your antenna is bent or broken, it will need to be replaced for your tank to function correctly.

My tank stopped working after hours of place time (All tanks): There are only 3 reasons for this to happen.

  • If your tank malfunctions. Turn off your tank and the controller for at least 3 seconds. Switch on the remote transmitter and then your tank. Normally, this will correct any problems. Go to step 1 if this doesn't solve your problem.
  • Step 1: You have dead batteries, replace with new ones.
  • Step 2: One of the crystals became loose either in your tank or in your controller or both. More than likely it became loose in your tank.
  • Step 3: Have you recently dropped the controller on the floor or a hard surface? Check for cracks on the controller or if you hear loose parts inside the controller. If so than your controller needs to be replaced with a new controller. New controllers can be found here.

My tank wont drive straight, it veers to one side?

  • Step 1: Your right and left tracks are not the same length. Compare both tracks and either add or subtract a link to have both tracks the same length.
  • Step 2: Your drive sprocket is bent, replace gearbox. This is the most common cause.

My tank tracks keep coming off my tank especial when turning?

  • Step 1: Your right and left tracks are not the same length. Compare both tracks and either add or subtract a link to have both tracks the same length.
  • Step 2: Check wheels between drive sprocket and idler wheel to make sure they aren’t bent or coming loose. Replace if needed.
  • Step 3: Idler wheel is bent and needs to be replaced.
  • Step 4: Drive sprocket is bent and needs to be replaced.

My tank wont shoot BB’s anymore (Airsoft Only)?

  • Step 1: Dirt or BB is stuck in chamber. Replace barrel with new Airsoft barrel mechanism with shooting gearbox.
  • This is a very common issue and can’t be repaired even if you can remove the stuck BB or dirt.

My tank won’t shoot BB’s, but the BB’s just roll out of the barrel (Airsoft Only)?

  • Step 1: Barrel is stuck in the backward firing position. Replace barrel with new Airsoft barrel mechanism with shooting gearbox. This issue can’t be repaired.


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