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Tamiya 1/16 Full Option King Tiger Tank - Update

June 19, 2012 Update

Since the first publication of our Tamiya Full Option King Tiger build tutorial back in late 2010, we have received many questions asking if we have done any updates to this tank. The answer is a big YES. If you have not read our full tutorial on this build yet, we suggest you reading that first, than come back to this page so you can see the differences and all the added items.

Tamiya 1/16 Full Option King Tiger

The following pages will have detailed pictures and information on all the updates we have done to our Tamiya Full Option King Tiger tank since our last tutorial. We will do our best to point out all the details and give you links to the products that have been added so you can add them to your tank if you like. All the products that have been added to this tank are all sold by our company and can be used on many other German tanks as well.

Tamiya King Tger Tank

These first two pictures we just want you to have an overview of the entire tank before we get into detailed areas of the tank.

Tamiya King Tiger Tank

Notice the backside of the turret (Below); we added camouflage netting, which was used quite often by German armor. The netting was made by using a Tack Cloth (AH10501) and then painted. Once painted the tack cloth was stretched until the desired netting look was achieved. Then cut your netting to your desired shape and size and then weathered it.

Back side of the King Tiger Tank

We placed large shackles (JPZ20) also to the lower side of the tank. These shackles are made just for the King Tiger, which are much larger than normal shackles used by other German tanks. We hand painted them with Model Master Acryl paint and then placed them on tank.

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