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Camouflage Netting Project - Page 2


Don’t over do it with the tissue paper. You don’t want the netting to be stiff. Just randomly select different areas on the netting. After about an hour of dry time, I cut my netting down to the size.

Finished Netting

I had quite a bit of scrap left over from the trimming of the netting. So I decided to make some smaller size netting which would include green foliage. I wanted something to Gluing netting to the Lichendrape over the main gun and back cargo rack of my M1A2 Abrams. First I cut a piece of scrap netting to the sizes I needed, then placed some Woodland Scenics Medium Green Lichen face down on my foam board. Then place the front side of your netting over the lichen. You will need something to hold down the netting over the lichen while your gluing things together. I used empty Model Master paint jars as my paperweights.

I used very small amounts of Testors crazy glue to hold everything together. Let dry from a few minutes and turn over to see your results.

Let dry from a few minutes and turn over to see your results. As you can see I used quite a bit of Lichen on the outside portions of this netting. This gave me some weight to the netting so the netting would hang better over the main gun as shown below.

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Netting hanging over main gun

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