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SAFETY WARNING AND GUIDELINES FOR ALL AIRSOFT RC TANKS. want you to enjoy your new Airsoft RC Tank. So we have written some safety guidelines for you to follow to ensure years of enjoyment and most of all your families safety.

  • Caution: VsTank Pro Airsoft tanks are recommended for ages 14 years or older.
  • Caution: Please wear safety goggles while playing.
  • Caution: Do not shoot at people or animals.
  • Caution: Never look into the barrel of the muzzle or point the muzzle at other persons face.
  • Caution: Never allow small children to play with the plastic BB’s. A child can easily swallow them.
  • Caution: Always turn off your tank after playing.
  • Caution: Please read all safety cautions written in your Instruction Manual before playing.
  • Please Note: The Airsoft cannon is not meant to be fired without having BB’s in it. If you continue to fire the cannon without BB’s, the cannon and cannon sound may fail to work. Please turn off cannon when not in use. If you want to play with a tank that you can fire the cannon and make cannon sound all the time than we recommend the VsTank Pro IR (R) tanks.

The person that buys this (Airsoft Tank) takes full responsibility for any injury or accident caused by user misuse and not following the cautions listed above and in the Instruction Manual. Regardless of age, is not liable for any misuse of this product and is not liable for any accident or injuries caused by this product if you decide to buy this Airsoft RC Tank.

After reading the safety guidelines above and you feel this might not be the best product for you and your family. Please consider the VsTank Pro Infrared (R) RC Tank instead or just give us a call. We will be more than happy in helping you make the right buying decision for you and your family.

Thank you for shopping at where safety comes first.

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